Internship Projects

Circular Migration (2020/1)

In the research program on “the United Nations and regional public goods, a position is available to do a review of the literature and a critical assessment of existing schemes and current proposals on circular migration, i.e. schemes of temporary and repetitive movement of migrant workers that holds a central place in the implementation of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM),

Supervisors: Glenn Rayp, Ine LietaertIlse Ruyssen

Globalization, Regional Integration and the Size of Government (2020/2)

In the research program on “the role of regions in global governance, a position is open to do research on “globalization, regional integration and the size of government”, i.e. to assess whether and to what extent regional integration affects the positive relationship between globalization and government size (known as the Compensation hypothesis of Dani Rodrik). As this research involves data analysis, knowledge of and experience in statistics and econometrics is indicated.

Supervisors: Glenn Rayp, Samuel Standaert

Regional Integration Knowledge System (2020/3)

In the research program “Changing patterns of Regional and Global Governance,” we are looking for one person to help keep up to date, correct and expand the Regional Integration Knowledge system. This research will mainly involve looking for and comparing different sources and as such would probably benefit from someone with experience with source criticism, or with data on regional integration.

Supervisors: Philippe De LombaerdeSamuel Standaert

Sustainable Development Goals Indicators (2020/4)

In the research program “The United Nations and Regional Public Goods,” a position is open to conduct research on a country’s, region's or local government's fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals. Using various indicators of the SDGs, the researcher will assess the level of progress, identify which policy area a country is leading or lagging. As this research involves data analysis, knowledge of and experience with statistics and econometrics is preferred.

Supervisors: Samuel Standaert, Philippe De Lombaerde

Assisted Return and Return Migration Governance (2020/5)

In the research program on ‘The Role of Regions in Global Governance’, a position is available to support research on European Assisted Return programs, and their relations to Return Governance. The main task concerns creating an overview of the existing Assisted Return Programs, focusing on the content of the support and the way it is implemented. This will be done through reviewing existing rapports and through collecting additional data amongst providers of these programs in Europe.

Supervisors: Ine Lietaert

Communications Intern (2020/6)

On offer with this internship is the chance to gain experience in an international team working to produce policy-relevant research on some of the most pressing issues of our time. Working closely with the Communications Officer, the successful applicant will assist in the dissemination of research, publicising events and other engagements, and spreading our work as far and wide as possible, using all channels at their disposal.

Full description available here.

Supervisor: Andrew Dunn

Grant Acquisition Intern (2020/7)

The Office of the Director is seeking a Grant Acquisition Intern to seek out new funding opportunities, foster and expand the Institute’s research networks, and proactively seek new collaborative opportunities globally. Additionally, the successful candidate will support the internal research team with networking and developing their proposals. 

Supervisor: Andrew Dunn