Achieving Sustainable Governance within the Regions and Cities in European Union through Management of Conflict and Individual Differences

28 February 2024
Research Seminar

Wednesday, 28 February 2024
11.00 - 12.30
This is a hybrid event


This seminar aims to discuss how the United Nations (UN) can help in fostering sustainable governance in European Union (EU) in line with SDG goals. The overall purpose of the study is to understand how regions and cities in EU can manage conflicts and resolve individual differences through strategic negotiations.

The research problem(s) being investigated are 1) how good governance practices can strengthen UN and EU region; 2) the role of regional actors and how can power dependence translate into harmonious working relationships; and 3) the type of coalitions required for achieving specific and desired outcomes. The basic design of the study is qualitative research through thematic content analysis which begins with weeding out biases and establishing our overarching impressions of the data, and to find common patterns across the data set.

The major findings and trends because of our analysis would be outlining an ethical governance roadmap for today’s multipolar world today which needs better anticipation of needs and preparedness for the future of EU through sustainable governance practices. The research would help in policy research for establishing guidelines which focusses on strengthening security and preventing conflict rather than reacting to conflict.


Sustainable Governance, European Union, Conflict, United Nations, Regional Actors


Sajal Kabiraj, Visiting Research Fellow at UNU-CRIS and  Principal Lecturer in Strategy and International Business School of Business, Design and Technology, Häme University of Applied Sciences Ltd. (HAMK), Valkeakoski, Finland.


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