Sharipova, Adelina

PhD Fellow

International trade
Economic integration

Biographical Statement 

Adelina is a PhD fellow at UNU-CRIS and at the Department of Economics at Ghent University, conducting research under the supervision of Glenn Rayp and Samuel Standaert. She holds a Master’s degree in Economics from Tilburg University, where she wrote her thesis on the effects of trade agreements on regional integration. After her studies, she worked as a researcher at the Department of Economics at Ghent University, focusing on experimental economics and labour economics.

Previously, Adelina was a research intern at UNU-CRIS in 2018.

In her doctoral project, she focuses on in-depth analyses of the contents of bilateral and multilateral economic integration agreements and the direct and indirect effects thereof, in particular the effects on international trade, migration, and FDI-flows.

You can read more about Adelina on her personal website.