After the 2015 Paris Agreement: The Future of Global Climate Politics and the Role of the European Union

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UNU Insitute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies
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The Paris climate summit in December 2015 resulted in an Agreement that pragmatically combines the science-driven demand for ambitious global emissions reduction objectives with key Parties’ continued desire to protect their sovereignty. Its im-plementation will depend on a quasi-constant negotiation process over the coming years. > The constructive role played by the European Union during the negotiations of this Agreement allowed it to recover from the reputational damage suffered at the 2009 Copenhagen summit. > Over the coming years, the EU will need to sustain and reinforce this role to contribute to ensuring the environmentally effective implementation of the Agreement. > To this end, both EU internal and external climate policies and related policies need to be strategically geared toward a high level of ambition, based on solid support and ownership from its member states.