Baturo, Alexander

Biographical Statement 

Alexander Baturo is an Associate Professor of Government, Dublin City University, Ireland. He works in comparative democratization, political leadership, and post-Soviet politics. His research focuses on presidentialism and personalism across the world, institutions in non-democracies, regime deinstitutionalisation, the effects of political leaders' background and traits on political and economic outcomes, the influence of institutions and the economy on leaders' behaviour and careers, computerised analyses of political rhetoric and the text-as-data methods. His work appeared in the Journal of Politics, Comparative Political Studies, British Journal of Political Science, Political Research Quarterly and Public Choice. His book, Democracy, Dictatorship, and Term Limits, was published by the Michigan University Press in 2014 and he is a co-editor of the Politics of Presidential Term Limits, 2019, Oxford UP. His work has been cited, inter alia, in the Washington Post and Tages Anzeiger. In the past, Alexander held visiting fellowships at the University of Leiden, the Essex University and the Perry World House of the University of Pennsylvania.