Asia-Europe 2030: Key Actors in the Future of the ASEM Process

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Foresight is 20/20: Scenario Building for Policy Analysis and Strategy Development, ASEM Outlook Report 2012 (Volume 2)
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Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)

This chapter analyses the key actors in Asia-Europe relations and their expected role in the geopolitics of the future. It begins by taking stock of major transformations of the contemporary world and highlighting the changing role of various actors therein. Secondly, it turns to Asia-Europe relations and introduces some of the key actors involved at various levels in the ASEM process, with the aim of examining to what extent these actors influence the relationship. Based on the assumptions that attitudes and behaviours are importantly influenced by perceptions and formulated visions, this chapter features visions on the future role of these key actors formulated by Asian and European academics and analysts. The concluding remarks present the way forward for ASEM, highlighting the importance of each actor in advancing various views and interests in the process and the role to be played by civil society in achieving genuine mutual understanding between both regions.

Policy analysis; Strategy development; Asia-Europe relations