Authority and African Regionalisms

24 January 2024
Research Seminar

Organising institutions

University of Tours (France) / Institut de Recherche Juridiques Interdisciplinaires (IRJI)
United Nations University Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies (UNU-CRIS)



The research project Crafting Regional Authority in Africa and Latin America, Measuring a New Political Phenomenon (ANR REGPOL-ALA) within which this seminar is embedded, focuses on the analysis of political  (de jure) and expert (de facto) authority of regional organisations in Latin America and Africa through a relational and actor-based approach. This research aims to go beyond the formal institutional approaches of international organizations’ authority, not only by focusing on specificities of regional authority but also by accounting for the sociological aspects and practices of authority within regional organizations.

The research seminar “Authority and African regionalisms” brings together scholars from different universities working in the field of regional studies to broaden the analysis of regional authority. The speakers will be asked to prepare a 15 minutes presentation of their intake on the stake of authority in African regional organizations, followed by discussions on the subject matter.



Kevin Parthenay (Principal investigator of the project) 
Mathilde Mollard (PhD candidate within the project) 
Frank Mattheis (Scientific lead for the project partner)  

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