Plechanovová, Běla

Biographical Statement 

Dr. Běla Plechanovová is Associate Professor at Department of International Relations at Charles University in Prague. She graduated from Charles University Prague, Faculty of Arts, in History and Political Economy. She did her Ph.D. in Modern History at the Institute of Czech and World History of the Czech Academy of Sciences (1987-1990). She joined the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University Prague, in 1990 and is a founding member of the Institute of Political Sciences, as well as a co-author of the International Relations and Security Studies Programmes. Since 2004 she serves as a head of the Department of International Relations.

She is a Director of Security Studies Programme. She was a Vice-dean of the Faculty for International Affairs 2002-2010. Since 2009 she has been a guest professor at the University of Konstanz. Her research interests are politics and institutions of the European Union and history of the European integration process.