Biographical Statement 

Ben Rosamond is Professor of Political Science at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. He works on two broad areas of relevance to European politics. Within European Political Economy he studies the role of ideas, discourses and knowledge in national and EU-level political economy. He is also interested in the reorganisation or consolidation of European political-economic space, questions of ethics, and governance and legitimacy as they apply to the political economy of contemporary Europe. Furthermore his research concerns the understanding of economic subjectivity in light of European integration/globalisation/neoliberalism, and the study of contemporary economic nationalism/patriotism under conditions of globalisation and European integration.

Ben’s second research area is European and regional integration. Here he focuses on the development of ideational/discursive approaches to European integration, and the exploration forms of 'integration theory' past and present and the possibility of temporal/spatial comparison across cases of regionalism/regional integration.

These research themes come together in his current work on the political economy of Brexit.

He is principal investigator on 'EuroChallenge', a project funded by the University's 2016 Excellence Programme for Interdisciplinary Research.

Additionally, Ben Rosamond is editor of the journal Comparative European Politics.