Dr. Deacon, Bob

Associate Research Fellow
United Kingdom
01/09/2007 to 31/12/2016
Biographical Statement 

Bob Deacon (†) was an Associate Research Fellow at UNU-CRIS in Bruges from 2007 until the end of December 2016. From 1 January 2011 until May 2014, Professor Deacon was appointed Chairholder of the UNESCO-UNU Chair on Regional Integration, Migration and Free Movement of People.

He was also Professor of International Social Policy at the University of Sheffield. He has directed the Globalism and Social Policy Programme since 1997 and was founding editor of the journals Global Social Policy (Sage) and Critical Social Policy (Sage). He was also a member of the founding editorial board of the Journal of European Social Policy. Previously he was Professor of Social Policy at Leeds Metropolitan University (1994-1997), Director of the International Social Policy Research Unit (1994-1997), Reader in Social Policy, Leeds Metropolitan University (1991-1994), Head of the Department of Social Studies at Leeds Metropolitan University (1987-1991), Senior Lecture in Social Policy at Plymouth Polytechnic (1974-1987), Lecture in Social Policy at North London University (1969-1974) and Research Assistant at LSE (1966-1969). He was an elected Academician of the UK's Academy of Social Sciences. He has acted as advisor or consultant on aspects of international social policy to the ILO, WHO, UNESCO, UNDP, UNDESA, EC, Council of Europe, and World Bank.

His interest was in regional social policy and regional social integration. He was author of Global Social Policy and Governance (Sage 2007), co-editor of Social Policy and International Interventions in South East Europe (Edward Elgar, 2007), and co-author of Global Social Policy: International Organizations and the Future of Welfare (Sage, 1997). His research has been published in Journal of European Social Policy, Global Social Policy, Zeitschrift fur Socialreform and Journal of Social Policy and elsewhere. He was the author of several book chapters in edited books (published by Blackwell, Routledge, Palgrave, Oxford University Press, Macmillan, Policy Press).

Bob Deacon unfortunately passed away on 1 October 2017.