Ubah, Chibuzor Charles

Research Intern
Biographical Statement 

Chibuzor Charles Ubah currently serves as a research intern at UNU-CRIS, focusing on integrated strategies for addressing food security in multiple crises contexts. Chibuzor holds a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Rural Development from Ghent University, and is driven by a commitment to achieving zero hunger, improved nutrition in addition to resilient and sustainable food systems.

Previously, Chibuzor had worked as an intern at Rikolto International. There, he conducted research on food systems and climate change. His work involved analyzing strategies for enhancing climate change mitigation and adaptation within three major programs: Good Food for Cities, Sustainable Rice, and Sustainable Cocoa and Coffee. This research spanned 56 projects across 17 countries in West Africa, East Africa, Southeast Asia, and Belgium. Additionally, Chibuzor has provided technical, operational, and educational support for school feeding initiatives and WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) activities, enhancing the learning environment in schools.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Chibuzor is deeply involved in Foodprimal, a community-based NGO he founded in Nigeria. This organization is dedicated to co-creating local solutions to food-related challenges.

At UNU-CRIS, under the supervision of Nidhi Nagabhatla in the Nature, Climate, and Health Cluster, Chibuzor’s research is crucial in the face of escalating global food security challenges, particularly in Africa’s fragile countries, where economic crises, conflicts, and climate change are interlinked. His internship is supported by the Flanders Trainee Programme.