Temple, Chinedu Obi

PhD Fellow
14/10/2019 to 31/05/2021
Biographical Statement 

Chinedu Obi conducted a joint PhD with the University of Pisa and Ghent University. The PhD programme focused on understanding the socio-economic drivers, impacts, and management of international migration from Nigeria to Europe using a capability approach. The PhD project tried to build on migration studies and, at the same time, it differed from previous studies by its unique selection of methodology, proper consideration of robustness, special attention to the grey areas in the migration discourse, and interdisciplinarity. It had the following work plan:

WP1: Investigate the role of limited capabilities and incomplete information from social media as drivers of irregular migration.

WP2: Examine the impact of an information campaign on safe migration decision.

WP3: Investigate how limited capabilities influence the wellbeing and economic contribution of migrants in host countries.

WP4: Examine the impact of international migration on the capabilities of households at home to improve their welfare.

The data for his study was collected in Nigeria, Italy and Belgium.

Chinedu is also the founder and principal investigator of Ricosmigration – Rural Information Campaign on Safe Migration. Ricosmigration is a grassroots organisation that aims to inform potential migrants in rural areas of West Africa about the dangers of irregular migration and the alternatives to irregular migration. Chinedu obtained an International MSc in Rural Development (IMRD) at Ghent University in 2017, with sponsorship from the European Commission.