CliMigHealth organises Cocreating Climate, Migration and Health Priorities towards COP28: Global and Belgian Perspectives

20 September 2023

This outreach event is hosted by CliMigHealth, Ghent University, in collaboration with the University of Antwerp, Vrije Universiteit Brussel and UNU-CRIS.

In this outreach event, distinguished researchers and government officials will convene to deliberate on the pressing research and policy imperatives pertaining to climate change and environmental degradation, both on a global scale and within the context of Belgium. Special emphasis will be placed on understanding their ramifications for human migration patterns and healthcare systems. Our speakers will also provide insights into Belgium's role and the international community's expectations at the 28th Climate Summit (COP28), scheduled to be held later this year in Dubai. Join us as we explore critical issues at the intersection of climate change, migration, and health, and chart a path toward sustainable solutions.

This event takes place at Sint-Pietersabdij, Ghent in English on 20 September 2023 from 18.00 until 21.30.