Co-Creating a Resilient Future: Opportunities, Solutions and Future Generations - Climate Change and Mental Health Series

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UNU Climate Change and Mental Health Policy Brief Series
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  • Teachers and caregivers are not yet equipped to teach and discuss climate change with children in schools. 
  • Community-led approaches could act as cooperative platforms where multiple stakeholders can discuss and establish trust.  
  • Global commitments, such as the SDGs and NDCs need to be accelerated to effectively address climate risks on mental health and to increase awareness of the issue.
  • There is insufficient investment in mental health support systems at national-level climate action planning in most countries.
  • Innovative solutions, such as digital mental healthcare, sustainable urban design, and rebonding with nature can help build climate resilience and protect mental health.

This Policy Brief is the second in a series of three from the United Nations University - Climate Resilience Initiative (hosted by UNU institutes in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands) proposing recommendations on the impact of climate change on mental health and well-being. The first policy brief of the series outlines the current, global state of affairs; the second assesses the risks that intensify the impact on mental health; and the third identifies policy opportunities and solutions.