Furnues, David

Research Intern
United Kingdom
11/06/2018 to 07/09/2018
Biographical Statement 

David Furnues graduated at the University of Sunderland completing his PGCE Secondary Education, Geography. He hopes to inspire young people with a sense of importance in understanding the world around us and to help students develop skills and form opinions on important issues. He holds a First Class Honours BSc in Geography from Northumbria University, Newcastle and a Masters in Global Politics from Durham University. His knowledge of cultural differences and languages persuaded David to revisit his German language skills at Newcastle City Learning, where he attended evening sessions.

David was offered a fully-funded PhD in Engineering and Geomorphology at Cardiff University where he was researching the effects of woody debris dams on flow patterns, flood risks and how dam construction can alter catchment characteristics. He hopes to use this knowledge to help in environmental decision-making processes, while working alongside the Environment Agency.

At UNU-CRIS, he worked in the programme “The Role of Regions in Global Governance”, specialising in Global Environmental Governance, until mid-September 2018, under the supervision of Madeleine Hosli and Andrew Dunn.