Visiting Research Fellow
05/09/2022 to 14/09/2022
Biographical Statement 

Eeva Aromaa was a Visiting Research Fellow at UNU-CRIS. She collaborated with Pasi Hirvonen and Luk Van Langenhove being part of UNTRAD (Unit on Non-Traditional Diplomacy).

Eeva works as a post-doctoral researcher and as a coordinator for multidisciplinary neuroscientific research community at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF). She is a part of the Neuro-Impact and Innovation research team at the UEF. The research team explores how research impact and innovation are achieved through collaborative research strategies that engage neuroscientists with their stakeholders. At UNU-CRIS, her visit was funded by The Foundation for Economic Education. Her research focused on patient and public involvement and stakeholder collaborations in neuroscience research in national (Finnish) context as well as human aspects of personalised medicine research in EU context.

Eeva Aromaa is a specialist in critical sense-making and qualitative research methods. In her doctoral dissertation she examined renewal activities of a small organisation from the perspective of emotion, power and agency utilising and developing the starting points of critical sensemaking perspective. In the future, her research areas will expand to patient experiences and autoethnography method.