The European Union's Role in the Formation of India's Climate Change Policy

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BRIGG 2012/2
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College of Europe, UNU Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies
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Bruges Regional Integration and Global Governance (BRIGG) Papers
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This paper focuses on the role of the European Union (EU) in the formation of India’s climate change policy; an increasingly high profile issue area. It is based on an extensive study of relevant literature, EU - India policy documents and the execution of thirteen semi-structured interviews with experts; many of whom have experienced EU - India cooperation on climate change first-hand. A three-point typology will be used to assess the extent of the EU’s leadership role, supporting role or equal partnership role in India, with several sub-roles within these categories. Further, for clarity and chronology purposes, three time periods will be distinguished to assess how India’s climate policy has evolved over time, alongside the EU’s role within that. The findings of the paper confirm that the EU has demonstrated signs of all three roles to some degree, although the EU - India relationship in climate policy is increasingly an equal partnership. It offers explanations for previous shortcomings in EU - India climate policy as well as policy recommendations to help ensure more effective cooperation and implementation of policies.