Salman Awan, Fatima

Research Intern
Biographical Statement 

Fatima Salman Awan is a Research Intern at UNU-CRIS and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Geography at UNU-EHS (United Nations University – Institute for Environment and Human Security) in Bonn, Germany.  Her area of expertise lies in remote sensing and GIS, and she recently completed an internship in this field in Izmir, Turkey.

During her internship, Fatima will conduct a spatial analysis of climate and environmental risk, focusing on migration patterns in the South Asian region. She will utilize GIS and Remote Sensing (RS) to map out migration routes and hotspots, with a particular emphasis on Pakistan. Additionally, she will analyze spatial data to identify correlations between environmental changes and migration flows, producing a detailed report on her findings. Fatima will collaborate and share insights with regional experts to maximize the impact of GIS and RS technologies in understanding and addressing environmental risks and their influence on migration.

She will work under the supervision of Nidhi Nagabhatla within the Nature, Climate and Health Cluster.