Globalisation, Regionalisation and Socio-Economic Inequality (2006-2015)

“Globalisation, Regionalisation and Socio-Economic Inequality” (GRESI) is a scientific research group that studies (i) patterns of globalisation, regionalisation and their consequences, and (ii) responses to globalisation, both from analytical and normative perspectives.

The project is funded by the Flemish Fund for Scientific Research (FWO). After a positive evaluation of the first period of operation (2006-2010), the FWO has renewed its support for the period 2011-2015. The research priorities for the latter period are: (i) the quantitative analysis of globalisation and regionalisation processes, (ii) globalisation, labour market and income inequality, (iii) Euro-African and intra-African migration, and (iv) inequality in global governance. A series of workshops and seminars will be organised; and various publications (including special issues) are planned.

This network is coordinated by the Universities of Antwerp and Ghent. The consortium includes:  UNU-CRIS (Belgium), the University of Leuven (Belgium), the University of Lille (France), and UNU-MERIT/University of Maastricht (The Netherlands).