GR:EEN Second Executive Briefing Conference

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GR:EEN Second Executive Briefing Conference - Summary Paper
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On  Monday  20 May the Italian  Ministry  of  Foreign  Affairs  hosted  the  international conference  “New  Regional  Power:  What  Role  for  Europe?”.  The  event  was conceived  and arranged  by  ISPI  within  the  FP7  “Global  Reordering:  Evolution through European Networks” (GR:EEN). Members of the network are 16 universities and  think  tanks  from  all  over  the  world,  coordinated  by  the  University  of  Warwick. With  its  four  years'  duration  and  its  far-reaching  international  membership,  GR:EEN comes out on top among similar EU-funded research projects.

The event is the second in a series of  Executive Briefing Conferences  that  ISPI organizes every year throughout the project's time span. The goal of these meetings is to discuss  the results achieved  by  the  partners  in  order  to  come  up  with  further insights  and  policy  recommendations  to  be  presented to a group of  stakeholders including policy makers, public officers, business and civil society actors. In doing so, ISPI ensures that the project's research activities have a concrete impact on how public and private actors respond to the multipolar trends in world politics.