Lee, Hyang Bock

Visiting Research Fellow
South Korea
Research Interests 

Disaster risk reduction and resilience from climate crisis.
Disaster Management Knowledge Base Center
Digital government in disaster management
Cooperation in response to global disasters
Implementation of the Sendai Framework

Biographical Statement 

Hyang Bock Lee is a Visiting Research Fellow at UNU-CRIS and is the deputy Director of the Disaster Management Office of the Ministry of the Interior and Safety in South Korea. He will be conducting research at UNU-CRIS on scientific and technological management methods of climate change-related disasters, working towards a knowledge base center for science and technology-based climate-related disaster risk management.

Through various activities in response to disasters such as floods, forest fires, and heavy snowfall, He gained experience that policy decisions must be made based on scientific and technical evidence. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology will be able to support policy decisions by utilizing knowledge-based systems and big data for diverse information and scientific judgment during disasters. Cooperative communication through knowledge-based systems between central and local governments, governments and non-governmental organizations can help make our society more efficient, effective and resilient to disasters.

In addition, collaboration between disaster management knowledge base centers in different regions can further strengthen global disaster preparedness and response capabilities. By pooling knowledge and experiences, these centers can provide technical assistance and support to countries vulnerable to disasters, helping them build resilience and better prepare for future emergencies.