Dodeigne, Jérémy

Biographical Statement 

Jérémy Dodeigne is Lecturer in Political Science at the Department of Political, Social and Communication Sciences at the University of Namur. Before that, he was a Marie-Curie BeIPD postdoctoral fellow at the DPIR (2016-2017, University of Oxford), F.R.S.-FNRS postdoctoral researcher at the Institut de sciences politiques Louvain-Europe (2016, UCL). In the past few years, he held visiting positions at the University of Edinburgh, the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

His doctoral project was about the representation of minority groups in multinational federal systems, analyzing the development elites’ career patterns in Catalonia, Scotland and Wallonia. More generally, his research areas cover the study of political representation in European multi-level democracies, MEPs/MPs’ political career and legislative behaviour, regional and federal studies, local politics while he developed a specific interest in mixed-methods research designs. He was involved in several collaborative research projects on these topics, including, PartiRep II, Pathways, European Mayor, 2012 Walloon Local elections and ADAPOF.

Jérémy serves as Treasurer on the board of the Belgian Association of Political Science (‘Association belge francophone de science politique’) and co-chairs the ABSP working group on Elections, Public Opion and Parties (EPOP).