Professorial Fellow
Biographical Statement 

Jan Orbie is a part-time Professorial Fellow at UNU-CRIS. He is involved in the GREMLIN project on Global and Regional Multistakeholder Institutions.

He is a Professor in European Union (EU) External Relations at the Department of Political Science and Director of the Centre for EU Studies (CEUS) at Ghent University. He teaches on Theories of European and Regional Integration, Current Issues in EU Politics, EU Trade Politics, EU External Relations and Discourse Analysis in the Bachelor of Political Science and Master EU Studies programmes at the same university. He has been a member of educational accreditation committees for more than 20 different programmes in European Studies, International Relations and History in Flanders and the Netherlands.

Jan Orbie’s research concerns the external relations of the EU. He has published extensively on the EU’s external trade, social, development, humanitarian aid and democracy promotion policies. He currently (co-)supervises doctoral research projects on these topics, including Fair Trade policy in the EU, Europeanization of development policy, trade discourses in the European Parliament, EU-South-East Asia relations, climate mainstreaming in EU external relations, the EU’s global health policy, and EU external forest governance policies.

He has also been Erasmus coordinator of the Department of Political Science and member of the Research Council of Ghent University.