Research Intern
32 50 47 11 07
01/03/2017 to 02/10/2017
Biographical Statement 

Joris Ramm finished his Masters in Political Sciences at the Free University in Brussels. As a research intern, he worked on his thesis, which studied the effectivity of the EU policy towards the ASEAN regional integration process. Under supervision of Dr Jonathan Holslag (VUB) and Prof Luk Van Langenhove (UNU-CRIS), he researched the regional economic integration of Indonesia and Vietnam until the end of August 2017. He analysed trade data and policies and interviewed policy-makers in both Europe and Southeast Asia to determine the effectivity of the EU financial and technical support.

After exploring jazz drums at the conservatories of Tilburg and Rotterdam (NL), he navigated his academic studies to the field of International Relations.  With Minors in American Studies (Utrecht University), Russian Language (University of Amsterdam) and International Politics & Economics (Amsterdam and Beijing University), he deepened his Bachelor in History at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Besides his academic studies, Joris Ramm participated successfully in MUN-simulations in Amsterdam, Cambridge and Harvard. Moreover, he worked as an intern at the Consulate-General of the Netherlands in Saint-Petersburg (RUS) and the Mexican Embassy in The Hague (NL).