Miller, Justine

PhD Fellow
Biographical Statement 

Justine Miller is a PhD Fellow at UNU-CRIS and Ghent University. She is working towards understanding the concept of the "Spaghetti bowl" of regional integration under the supervision of Samuel Standaert. She aims to quantify the impact of the phenomenon on countries by using network analysis tools as well as counterfactual techniques.

Justine holds a Master's Degree in Advanced Studies in Economics from the KULeuven and one in Economic Geography from Utrecht University. Aside from her studies, Justine has worked at the Dutch Central Bank where she conducted research on financial integration through the lens of network analysis. She also contributed to research projects in both innovation studies and welfare economics at Utrecht University.

She previously completed an internship at UNU-CRIS, where she used network analysis to explore the Regional Integration Knowledge System (RIKS) platform, both by mapping the network's structure as well as studying tools for further analyses. She also participated to a project focused on measuring the progress of Flemish municipalities towards the Sustainable Development Goals.