Visiting Research Fellow
Biographical Statement 

Keita Azuma is a visiting research fellow at UNU-CRIS, where he will be working on a research project titled “Comprehensive Intelligence Literacy Guidelines for Democratic Resilience” within the Digital Governance Cluster. His work focuses on examining the strategic significance of inter-regional cooperation and multi-stakeholder processes related on key elections in the Indo-Pacific and the European Union (EU). The project aims to address the challenges posed by imperfections in decision-making structures for collective actions in democratic countries. Specifically, it explores ways to control risks and mitigate damages caused by these imperfections and considers updating the education framework of media information literacy in the era of generative AI.

Mr. Azuma has served in Japan’s Cabinet Secretariat since 2011. Working as a public servant in the central agency directly under the Prime Minister, he has coordinated high-level international meetings, managed joint study projects with allies and partners on long-term strategies, prepared intelligence assessments on global security issues. Most recently, he was involved in the Office of Assistant Chief Cabinet Secretary for crisis management, including addressing misinformation and disinformation during natural disasters and military conflicts.

He holds an MA in international law and politics from the University of Hull in the UK. In 2021, he was a visiting scholar at Harvard University and conducted a research project to explore policy integration and collective intelligence.