Mallon, Kim Lan

Research Trainee
15/04/2019 to 05/07/2019
Biographical Statement 

Kim Lan graduated in Economics from the University of Melbourne, where she focussed on economic development and environmental economics. These fields of interest were inspired by her upbringing in Ha Noi, Viet Nam, which allowed her to witness the impact of economic policy on quality of life and the environment. Research during her undergraduate degree focused on the sustainable economic development of South-East Asian countries and resulted in papers titled “How can Viet Nam ensure equitable gains from trade with the CPTPP?” and “Hydropower – a double-edged sword for Lao PDR’s future economic growth”, among others. In September 2019, she continued to develop this research by pursuing a Master in Public Policy and Development at the Paris School of Economics.

Her exchange semester at the economics faculty of La Universidad Autónoma de Madrid helped refine her Spanish, allowing her to pursue an internship at an Argentinian economic research institute, La Fundación de Investigaciones Económicas Latinoamericanas, in Buenos Aires after finishing her undergraduate degree. During this traineeship she assisted with research for working papers submitted to the Inter-American Development Bank, the institute’s Argentinian macroeconomic indicator database and projections, literature reviews and articles for the institute’s newsletter. Before that, she was leading the grants and philanthropy team at a youth-run Australian NGO, the Oaktree Foundation, in Melbourne while completing the final year of her Bachelor's Degree.

At UNU-CRIS Kim Lan worked on economic development, climate change policy and the SDG’s, with a focus on South East Asia. She worked under the research programme “The Changing Patterns of Regional and Global Governance” under the supervision of Glenn Rayp, Rory Johnson and Madeleine Hosli until early July 2019.