Best Practices for the Management and Sustainability of Malaysia's Carrageenophyte Aquaculture Industry

21 December 2021

Tuesday 21 December

15:00 MYT / 08:00 CET 

Online via Zoom


Join us for the launch of the Policy Brief Sustainable Value Chain for the Seaweed Industry in Malaysia and the ASEAN Region: A Roadmap for Policy Formulation

Highlights of the policy brief include:

  • Sustaining economic interest in Malaysian seaweed cultivation and ensuring price stability will require coordination of downstream value chain activities including marketing and trading.
  • Incentives and financial support for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and private sector investments could spearhead innovation in diversified seaweed-based value-added products. This can help to create a sustainable demand for seaweeds and derived products.
  • Implementation of biosecurity measures is essential for managing production risks such as pests and diseases outbreaks, enhancing productivity, and reducing losses.
  • Advancing a stable supply of healthy seedlings for cultivation remains key to ensuring the sustainability of seaweed value chains and the industry in Malaysia and the ASEAN region.


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