Mediterranean Lasagne of Migration Governance: What is the Way Forward for the Regions in Governing the Euromestic Sphere? An EU-Centric Perspective

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The European migration crisis is a resourceful case for analysing the evolution of complex-interregionalism. The Mediterranean turbulences shed light on the challenges associated with the existing modes of multilateral cooperation. The strengths, deficiencies and challenges of the multi-layered migration governance identified amidst the European migration crisis should be considered valuable empirical developments for further academic reflection on the evolution of multi-level, multilateral and issue-specific governance. An initial exploration of interregional interactions proves that each multilateral setting creates unique dynamics, issue framing and perceptions of viable solutions which do not complement neat and hierarchical multi-level governance. If a single Mediterranean space is a subject of discussions and joint actions for more than ten multilateral constellations with similar-yet-distinct membership composition, what does it say about interest articulation and representation towards the United Nations in the context of on-going reflections on the best modalities for the neo-Westphalian world order?