Narratives for Water, Gender, and Human Development

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Clean Water and Sanitation - Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
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SDG6: Ensure Availability and Sustainable Management of Water and Sanitation to All

Water stress occurs when availability is restricted due to quantity and quality issues associated with water. The demand, in this case, exceeds the capacity of water available at a given point in time. The causes for water-related stress can be man-made (pollution, agriculture, overexploitation) or natural (dry spells, etc.) (Batstone et al. 2011).

Gender is a social construct that outlines the various responsibilities and roles associated with women and men, and are rooted in cultural norms, familial values, as well as society at large. Sex refers to the biological characteristics associated with males and females and is different from gender. The behavior and values attached to each gender are what constructs a gender identity (UNESCO 2003).

Human development is about expanding people’s choices for them to lead a fulfilling, healthy, and long life. It gives importance to human life over economic growth. Human development adds value to life, one that stresses upon a decent...