Yeates, Nicola

Biographical Statement 

Nicola Yeates is a Professor of Social Policy in the Department of Social Policy and Criminology. She gained her PhD at Bristol University under the supervision of Professor Peter Townsend. After working at University College Dublin and Queen’s University Belfast, she joined The Open University in 2005.

Her research centres on transnationalisation and globalisation as social processes, together with their impacts on, and implications for, social policy and welfare as a field of academic teaching and research and as a political practice of state and non-state actors. An on-going theme in her work is how social diversity, divisions and inequalities are constructed, manifested and contested through trans-border social processes.

Her recent areas of interest include globalisation(s) 'from above' and 'from below', including the development of global and regional governance and their relationship to national social systems, state and non-state strategies of internationalisation, including labour migration, family formation, health and social protection, and the development of transnational social, advocacy and policy networks. Many of her recent publications are on the relationship between international migration and social and health care ('global care chains'), global social policy, and regional social governance.