Nurturing the European Union – India Multi-Sited Artificial Intelligence ‘Bubble of Trust’

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UNU Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies
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  1. The European Union’s relationship with India gains prominence across various sectors of artificial intelligence in this era of open strategic autonomy and friendshoring.
  2. The European Union and India convene in numerous bilateral and international consultative and decision-making forums. These forums foster collaborative efforts to enhance a comprehensive position on a range of issues related to the risks and difficulties presented by the development of many strands of artificial intelligence.
  3. Despite some enthusiasm concerning the potential of artificial intelligence to enhance diplomatic negotiations and their outcomes, this brief reminds us of the inherent risks associated with various strands of artificial intelligence. The indispensability of traditional diplomatic processes remains evident. The core traits of diplomatic practice retain their importance, even in the face of various technological advancements promised by the proponents of artificial intelligence. A human-centred approach to artificial intelligence requires high-level decision-making based on human consciousness and reasoning.