Gulyás, Orsolya

PhD Fellow
Research Interests 

Digital Policy & Governance
Digital Media & Communications
Critical Discourse Analysis
Political Theory


MA, Public Policy, Central European University
MA (research), Media Studies, University of Amsterdam

Biographical Statement 

Orsolya Gulyás is a PhD Fellow at UNU-CRIS (Digital Governance cluster) and is a PhD Researcher at the Center for Digitalisation, Democracy and Innovation (CD2I) at the VUB - Brussels School of Governance, which she joined in 2018 under the supervision of Jamal Shahin and Trisha Meyer.

She combines academic backgrounds in Media Studies and Public Policy, studying issues at the intersection of technology and society. Her research focuses on discourses surrounding digital policy and governance globally and in the EU, examining their links to neoliberal policy agendas.

Previously she has worked as a researcher at the European Commission, the European Broadcasting Union and the European Future Innovation System Centre on various topics including the future of journalism, media economics, public service media in the digital age, as well as research infrastructures and innovation policy.

Orsolya holds a research MA in Media Studies from the University of Amsterdam where she researched the governance of online platforms and an MA from Central European University in Public Policy where she focused on online freedom of expression.