Khan, Rashid Sohail

Research Intern
01/09/2023 to 30/11/2023
Biographical Statement 

Rashid Sohail Khan was a research intern at UNU-CRIS and he is a PhD Fellow at Ghent University. His research aims to assess the welfare of families left behind due to parental migration in the context of Pakistan. Pakistan, being a developing country, is vulnerable to climate change, which causes many people to migrate within and outside the country Such migrations and their impacts have been largely understudied in Pakistan.

Rashid Sohail Khan holds a Master's degree in Economics. He primarily relies on quantitative methods and possesses a solid theoretical background in Development Economics. Currently, he is conducting research under the supervision of Ilse Ruyssen on the migration of individuals within and outside Pakistan and its impact on child labour by utilising secondary data regularly collected by the Government of Pakistan at both regional and national levels.

Before embarking on his PhD journey, Rashid Sohail Khan held positions as a Research Assistant in Economics and later as Deputy Director of Quality Assurance at a public sector university in Pakistan. As part of his internship, he was delving into the study of the repercussions of floods in Pakistan, including displacement and immobility, on social networks, community ties, and overall well-being. This research was being conducted under the guidance of Ine Lietaert, the coordinator of the Migration and Social Policy Research.