Yibekal Wegayehu, Rediet

Research Intern
01/11/2011 to 31/10/2012
Biographical Statement 

Rediet Yibekal Wegayehu finished her undergraduate degree at Addis Ababa University in Political Science and International Relations and is now currently doing her Master’s Degree in Global Studies at Gothenburg University. She is specialised in the study of Security and Democracy; Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding Case Studies.

She wrote her Master thesis on the role of AU and EU partnership in peace and security that will be a case study on the regional conflict in the Horn of Africa. Her research interests include Regional Peace and Security studies; Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding; UN Peace and Security operations; Peace and Security Regional Partnerships of the African-European Union; as well as discourses on Human Rights and Security.

While at UNU-CRIS, Rediet worked on the Regional Peace and Security research programme under the supervision of Professor Ademola Abass until 31 January 2012. She – among others – contributed in researching and assisting to the EU-GRASP project.