Regional Security and Global Governance: A Proposal for a 'Regional-Global Security Mechanism' in the Light of the UN High-Level Panel's Report

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UNU-CRIS reports
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Egmont Royal Institute for International Relations
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Egmont Papers
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This Egmont Paper is essentially a reduced version of a 180-page study undertaken during 2004 under the auspices of the UN University’s Comparative Regional Integration Studies Programme (UNU-CRIS). Our thanks go to both UNU-CRIS for making the project possible and also to the Royal Institute for International Relations for proceeding with this shorter version. Our appreciation also to the VUB Institute of European Studies for its on-going support of the project and to the Government of Belgium which has recently extended funding for its continuation. This shorter paper will, no doubt, be perused by a larger number of readers than the longer version, yet the latter contains much background material that illuminates more clearly what has been included here, both in analysis and prescription. It is our hope that many colleagues will be encouraged to undertake our longer, and more detailed, ‘adventure’ into one possible future of ‘security regionalism’. The aim of the paper is to explore the history and the future potential of the ‘regional-global mechanism’ for maintaining international peace and security. It is based on the recognition, accorded by the international community over the past decade, of the need for greater involvement by regional agencies in conflict prevention and management in all regions, in co-operation with the United Nations.