Pieters, Robrecht

Research Intern
01/07/2023 to 30/09/2023
Biographical Statement 

Robrecht Pieters was a research intern at UNU-CRIS, currently pursuing a Master’s degree in bioscience engineering at KU Leuven. After his Bachelor in biosystems engineering, he chose to specialise in the field of Human Health Engineering, where he will be working on his thesis involving deep brain stimulation in Parkinson patients next year.

During his exchange to UNSW Sydney, he familiarised himself with the biomedical aspect of the studies, working on projects like a mechanical ventilator for Covid-patients and an algorithm for detecting arterial fibrillation. As a job student, he has done work in the field of sustainability in the form of Life Cycle Assessments, analysing the environmental impact of different wood based products.

His academic background and research interests align with the work of UNU-CRIS within the Nature, Climate and Health Cluster. Here, Robrecht worked on the interplay between human health and climate change under the supervision of Nidhi Nagabhatla.