Coping with Climate Change to Safeguard the Seaweed Industry in Eastern Africa: Spotlight on Tanzania

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PB - 2022 - 02
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UNU Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies
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  • The seaweed industry makes a significant contribution to Tanzania’s economy, but this has been severely impacted due to climate-induced pest and disease outbreaks in the recent years.
  • Seaweed farming is a crucial livelihood option for coastal communities, which may be marginalised or hindered in their income generating options, particularly the women in the Tanzanian context. 
  • The sustainable expansion of the seaweed industry in the East African region requires the acceleration of evidence-based knowledge and strategic investments.
  • In Tanzania producers spend much time trying “to grow seed” and by the time they are ready to expand their farms the seasonal conditions are no longer favourable. In these circumstances financial losses are inevitable.
  • A combination of good quality seeds and supportive policy mechanisms can make the East African seaweed industry more lucrative.