Shifting Senses of Solidarity and Belonging in the Internal Migration Pathways of Citizens in Ger Areas in Ulaanbaatar: A Social Work Perspective

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16 June 2020
Sage Journals
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Internatonal Social Work

Mongolia has witnessed an ongoing internal rural–urban migration and urbanization process in recent decades, resulting in families settling informally in suburban ‘ger’ areas and in areas with concentrations of social and environmental problems in the city of Ulaanbaatar. In social policy and social work practice in Mongolia, there is a critical lack of understanding and information regarding the experience of ger residents in shaping their lives. This article explores and examines evolving meanings and mechanisms of solidarity and senses of belonging in ger residents’ internal migration pathways. It aims to contribute to a deeper understanding that may assist social work practice and policy to embrace ger residents’ strengths and capability to aspire.

Internal rural–urban migration pathways, Mongolia, poverty and social inequality, sense of belonging, social work, solidarity