Bhandari, Sisir

Research Intern
Biographical Statement 

Sisir Bhandari (Safal) received his Erasmus Mundus Masters in Global Studies from Ghent and Roskilde Universities. His dissertation studied the local-global interaction of development knowledge and the role of local agencies in absorbing, influencing, and homogenising these interactions. Sisir has also collaborated with several international institutions on programmes addressing good governance, socio-economic development, and policy analysis. 

Sisir will be supervised by Nidhi Nagabhatla. During his three months’ internship, He will contribute to United Nations University - Climate Resilience Initiative (UNU-CRI). He will also contribute to a comparative examination of cross-border climate governance, socio-economic analysis, and climate policy analysis of the global south’s selected regions. Sisir is a Nepali citizen and currently resides in Belgium.