Sudan's Reintegration into the World Economy: What Role for Regional Integration?

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UNU Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies
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UNU-CRIS Working Papers
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Sudan is a country that is emerging from a series of protracted wars. It is still grappling with new developments in its region including the creation of a new country in its south in the form of South Sudan. It is true that countries need to enhance growth to ensure decent levels of welfare for their populations. As this paper argues, states cannot act or hope to prosper in a vacuum. Regional realities are vital and more so in the case of Sudan. It presents the recent economic trajectory of Sudan within the context of intersecting regionalism in the North Eastern part of Africa. The contribution highlights some of the economic challenges the country has experienced and advances a case for greater diversification of the country’s economy away from oil based exports. It also presents arguments for more meaningful and rationally driven choices of regional belonging given the often convoluted nature of regional constellations in Sudan’s neighbourhood. Moving forward Sudan's leaders need to avert protectionist tendencies and fully implement regional disciplines that are in the interest of the country.