Hajji Mame, Tulu

Research Intern
01/02/2023 to 31/05/2023
Biographical Statement 

Tulu Hajji was a virtual research intern at UNU-CRIS. Under the supervision of Ine Lietaert and Dereje Regasa in the migration and social policy cluster, he was working on the research project, “Position and role of social work with vulnerable groups in Ethiopia”. During his internship, Tulu contributed to an explorative study on the role of Social Work Profession in Ethiopia by analysing its history, current focus, challenges, influences and contributions. In particular, he focused on contextualising the role of social work in (forced) migration and its engagement with national, regional and international organizations working on the issue. 

Tulu holds a Master’s of Social Work Degree from Addis Ababa University and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and Social Work from Jimma University. Institutionally, he is an affiliate of Jimma University (Ethiopia) since 2014. Additionally, he is a senior faculty member who contributed for the foundation and development of the School of Social Work at Jimma University.

Previously, Tulu had experienced various social work positions and roles with a range of clients in Ethiopia. To mention few, he had served as a social worker and social welfare expert at Oromia Bureau of Labour and Social Affairs; Oromia Region’s illegal migration prevention and control cell coordinator; community service workers (paraprofessional social workers) competency assessor; lecturer and head of the School of Social Work at Jimma University. He also has engaged in researches on various psychosocial issues and community service works with a range of local NGOs via voluntary support and consultation.