Dr. Song, Xinning

Associate Senior Research Fellow
01/12/2008 to 31/12/2016
Biographical Statement 

Xinning Song was a Senior Associate Research Fellow at UNU-CRIS in Bruges until the end of December 2016. He is also Jean Monnet Professor for European Integration Studies at Renmin University of China in Beijing. He was the Director of the Centre for European Studies at Renmin University from 1994 to 2007. He acted also as the Vice Chair and then the Associate Dean of the School of International Studies at Renmin University from 1988 until 2005. He is a member of ISA, BISA, the China Association of European Studies and the China Association of Asian Pacific Studies. He is a member of the Editorial/Advisory Board of various academic journals: Review of International Studies, Pacific Review, Global Society, Journal of European Integration, International Spectator, Review of Chinese Social Science, and China Journal of European Studies.

Xinning Song received his PhD in Political Science from Renmin University. He was visiting scholar at the London School of Economics (1991-1992), Fulbright Professor at the University of California, San Diego and the George Washington University (1995-1996).

His research interest include: international political economy, comparative regional integration, European integration, regional integration in the Asia-Pacific, European politics and external relations, Chinese politics and external relations.

He is the author/editor of The EU Enlargement and EU-China Relations (2008, China University of Political Science and Law Press), Political Economy of European Integration (2008, China University of Political Science and Law Press), Europeanisation and Conflict Resolution. Case Studies from the European Periphery (2006, China Law Press), Environmental Policy and Economic Development: The EU Environmental Policy and Its Impliaction for China (2002, Yunnan University Press.), Handbook of European Union and European Integration (2001, China Light Industry Press), Introduction to Interntational Politics Theories (2000, Renmin University of China Press) and Introduction to International Political Economy (1999, Renmin University of China Press), China and Europe towards 21st Century (1997, Hong Kong Social Science Press), International Political Economy and Chinese Foreign Policy (1997, Hong Kong Social Science Press).