Bernardo, Glaucia

Visiting Scholar
15/04/2019 to 11/10/2019
Biographical Statement 

Glaucia is a Ph.D. candidate in Public Policy at the Federal University of Parana (Brazil). She develops research on public policy transfer among international organizations; specifically, her thesis topic is about higher education public policy transfer from the European Union to Mercosur.

She also holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy at the Federal University of Parana and a Bachelor’s in International Relations at Unicuritiba (Brazil). In her dissertation, she observed how Educational Mercosur is a space for synthesis and dissemination of public policies. Glaucia has also participated at some courses at the Hague Academy of International Law and at École Nationale d'Administration (France), which helped her in understanding how these interactions among different actors at the international level lead to public policy transfer. Currently, she belongs to the administrative staff of the Federal Institute of Parana where she has experience in projects related to higher education and internationalization.