Mission Statement

The mission of UNU-CRIS is to contribute to achieving the universal goals of the UN and UNU through comparative and interdisciplinary research and training for a better understanding of the processes and consequences of intra- and inter-regional integration. The aim is to act as a think tank that generates policy-relevant knowledge about new forms of governance and cooperation and to contribute to capacity building on issues of integration and cooperation, particularly in developing countries.

The research activities of UNU-CRIS are aimed at:

  • Visioning how multi-level governance is being shaped
  • Monitoring the implementation and impact of regional integration
  • Deepening the critical understanding of regional integration as a process of social transformation and of the relations between micro- and macro-regionalisms
  • Strengthening the governance capacities at local, national, regional and global levels for dealing with regional integration
  • Assessing the actual and potential role of regions in the UN system