Aibaidula, Aisaitijiang

Visiting Research Fellow
15/06/2023 to 15/11/2023
Research Interests 

International Trade and Investment
Iegional Integration
Trade and Investment of Central Asian Countries
Migration study


PhD, International Trade, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Biographical Statement 

Aisaitijiang Aibaidula was a Visiting Research fellow at UNU-CRIS. His PhD dissertation focused on China-Central Asia economic relations, bilateral trade and cooperation in the area of energy, mining, infrastructure, electricity and telecommunications. The research also provided an overview of the economic activities of Central Asia’s other major trading partners in the region and assessed the effects of trade facilitation on Central Asia’s trade. His doctoral dissertation led to policy recommendations on the facilitation of trade and economic cooperation between China and Central Asia.

Dr. Aibaidula has teaching experience in International Economics, International Trade Practice, International Trade in Services and Central Asian Economy.

At UNU-CRIS, he conducted comparative analyses on International Trade and Investment of the EU, Russia and China with Central Asia under the supervision of Glenn Rayp within the Economic Interactions Cluster. The proposed research examined the trade and investment performance of EU, Russia and China with Five Central Asian Countries. The effects of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA), Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the “Belt and Road” initiative was compared.