Beyond "Data Colonialism": Shaping Data Governance through African Cultural Realities

25 April 2024


Thursday, 25 April 2024
05.00 - 6.50 PM CEST
This is an online event


Join us for an enlightening webinar analyzing how data colonialism operate in Africa, and what are the possible solutions to “decolonize” the data practices.

The rise of big data has not only brought attention to often overlooked communities but also highlighted issues of data ownership, sovereignty, and governance. Data colonialism where data generated by individuals is exploited for profit by corporations and governments, echoes historical exploitations, now augmented by digital capabilities. Amidst this, a movement to decolonize data has emerged, advocating for the equitable use of technology and data, emphasizing the need for an inclusive approach that respects diverse perspectives, amplifying marginalized voices in Africa, and ensuring they are not sidelined.

This sets the stage for the upcoming Data Innovation Lab's Data Talks session delving into a comprehensive understanding and critical perspectives on data colonialism with a focus on Africa. This discussion will provide valuable insights on how this topic can impact your work and contribute to more equitable digital futures.


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