Changing Regional and Global Governance (2013-2015)

The present system of multilateralism is undergoing profound transformations. In an attempt to grasp these changes, the concept of ‘Multilateralism Mode 2.0’ was developed.  It describes an increasingly multipolar and open world characterised by (i) the diversification of multilateral organisations, (ii) the growing importance of non-state actors, (iii) the increased linkages between policy domains, and (iv) the growing space for citizens' involvement. In order to study the interactions among multiple types of actors evolving in new multilateral playing fields, the existing theories and concepts may appear as inadequate. Taking the ‘discursive turn’ has the potential to contribute to closing this gap. Therefore, this project adopt the social constructivist perspective ‘positioning theory’ to analyse international relations in today’s multipolar environment.

Person of reference: Luk Van Langenhove