Scheerens, Charlotte

Research Fellow
Biographical Statement 

Charlotte Scheerens is a Research Fellow at UNU-CRIS since 1 October 2021. Charlotte is a health sociologist and post-doctoral researcher whose main focus area has been the intersection between environmental (lung)health and health equity. She is operational manager of the Climate Change, Migration and Health(care) network CliMigHealth, and is based in the Department of Economics at Ghent University, and is affiliated with the Institute for Lung Health at BIDMC, Harvard Medical School. 

Charlotte Scheerens will work closely together with Ilse Ruyssen and Nidhi Nagabhatla on the Project: Mental health and climate grief response analysis of the 2021 floods and related displacement in Belgium and the Netherlands. This project will be part of work package 2 of the UNU Climate Response Initiative: Individual and community preparedness and responses under the coordination of Nidhi Nagabhatla (UNU-CRIS). The results will also provide input and support the development of CliMigHealth’s research line on access to healthcare of climate migrants (Ilse Ruyssen, Ghent University).