Scheerens, Charlotte

Associate Research Fellow
Biographical Statement 

Charlotte Scheerens is an Associate Research Fellow since 15 November 2023, before this, she was a Research Fellow since 1 October 2021. Charlotte is a health sociologist and post-doctoral researcher whose main focus area has been the intersection between environmental (lung)health and health equity. She is coordinator of the Climate Change, Migration and Health(care) network CliMigHealth, and is affiliated with the Department of Public Health and Primary Care and the Department of Economics at Ghent University.

Charlotte Scheerens will work closely together with Nidhi Nagabhatla under the Nature, Climate and Health Cluster, and with Ilse Ruyssen and Els Bekaert on climate, migration and health as part of the UNU Migration Network. 

Her work will focus on the mental health impacts on global environmental change, and the importance of just transition in reaching the climate goals. She will also work on non-economic loss and damage and how to adequately integrate this into climate policy. Besides research, she will also be involved in capacity building activities, and is actively working with the UNU team on events at the yearly climate summits, as well as on events held in Belgium.