Diana Potjomkina, UNU-CRIS PhD Fellow, co-presents the book "Societal Security in the Baltic Sea Region: Expertise Mapping and Raising Policy Relevance", Riga, 12 June 2018

12 June 2018

The book “Societal Security in the Baltic Sea region: Expertise Mapping and Raising Policy Relevance” documents the incorporation of societal security in the national security thinking of the Baltic Sea regional players. The rationale of the exercise is based on the fact that national approaches to security in the region have become more urgent to revisit, as the regional players are tied together by the 21st-century security challenges, emerging from both within and without the region. The dilution of the role of the state as the only security provider, the increasing role of the regional organisations, and the threats met by the EU’s neighbourhood and the EU itself raise the relevance of this exercise.

More information about this book presentation can be consulted here.